NBA Youngboy says he’s not at good terms with Trippie Redd


Youngboy says he's not sure why Trippie is not cool with him anymore

It looks like and are no longer as close as they used to be. During a recent episode on his on Amazon Radio, Youngboy revealed that they once settled their issues with Trippie, but the latter “took another route” later on.

“I tried to contact bro, well I did,” Youngboy explained. “N-gga forgave me at a show, and then I seen he had took another route, so now I don't fuck with that n-gga.”

A listener on the show claimed that he once met Trippie and asked him to mend his relationship with Youngboy but the rapper didn't respond.

“That's how a lot of n-ggas be though, man. N-gga never in his life had a problem with me, but it seems like nobody like me,” Youngboy added.

The two rappers have worked together on songs like “Move Move,” “Elevate & Motivate,” “Murda,” and “Hate Me,” among others.

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