Lizzo finally got her first number one song on Billboard this week with ‘Truth Hurts’

We freaken did it, guys! Lizzo finally has a number one track. It has been a very long time coming and I am really happy for Lizzo, who has been grinding for so many years to get to this point. Recently, she stated that a few years ago she almost quit making music, because she felt that she was not getting the recognition that she deserves. I have loved Lizzo for years and I agree that she should have been getting this recognition a long time ago. Along with ‘Truth Hurts’ reaching number one, Lizzo has also seen two other songs of hers rise the Billboard charts this week, with ‘Good as Hell’ reaching #52 and ‘Juice’ reaching #82. Although ‘Good as Hell’ is from a previous album, ‘Juice’ and ‘Truth Hurts’ are on her record Cuz I Love You, which is easily one of my favorite albums to come out this year. Check out the music video for ‘Truth Hurts’ and listen to the entirety Cuz I Love You below!