Tyga discusses working with Pop Smoke on “West Coast Shit” and missing out on “Enjoy Yourself”


Tyga recalls collaborating with Pop

recently had a chat on Hotboxing With where he recounted locking in with the late . At first, he explained how an unnamed artist had him removed from a song he did with Pop because he was on it too. He then explained how he ended up on “West Coast Shit” and revealed that he missed on “Enjoy Yourself” because Pop died before they could finish the record.

“We had did two records before he passed and then one of them – it was a conflict on it so I was like, ‘It's cool, take me off of it. I ain't tripping.' Somebody else didn't want me on the song right … another artist,” Tyga explained. “So I was like, ‘It's cool. I ain't tripping. Whatever, let's just do something else.' And he was cool like that.”

He added, “And we did another song and then we finished it, but we didn't finish the final song because he had passed right before the album came out. But he had text me, like, ‘Yo I wanna put a Latin artist on, a female artist. Who do you think?' And I was like that we should put Karol G on it, because at the time I was like, ‘Karol G's poppin. Let's put her on it!' So we end up putting her on it for that album.

“And then I did another song with him and that they did that I hopped on later,” he continued, “And then the record ‘Sunshine' was a song that he did. My boy used to do all his A&R stuff, so he did a record for him and then he had the verse and we just put him on there and it just made sense.”

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