Talib Kweli expresses distress after AA flight attendant threatens to have him arrested

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 22: Talib Kweli performs onstage during OZY FEST 2017 Presented By at Rumsey Playfield on July 22, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Ozy Fusion Fest 2017)

Kweli says he was harassed at an AA airport

isn't happy about an experience he had with an American Airlines flight attendant named Sky Seaglass this week. The rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday (January 18) to share clips from the incident and shed light on what happened. Kweli explained that he had a baggage that would fit in a compartment under a seat in front of him, but the flight attendant didn't respond too well to that.

“Yesterday afternoon @americanair threatened to have me arrested for no at all,” Kweli wrote under the post. “After clearing my bag with the gate agent, flight attendant Sky Seaglass tells me my bag is too big and I must check it. I asked why, so he got annoyed and called his supervisor. The supervisor tells me it's her decision whether I fly or not. That's an important detail.

“The supervisor sees that the attendant Seaglass was wrong about my bag and walks me to my seat and says l'm good to fly,” he added. “Moments later the supervisor comes back and tells me that if I do not obey the flight attendant while in the air, I will go to jail. The whole time, Seaglass, who I'm not talking to at all, is telling people he feels ‘unsafe.'

“Moments later the supervisor comes back and tells me I must leave the plane. I tell her I feel like that's a violation of my human rights and my rights as a customer. She then tells me I must stop recording, even though earlier she said I could record, and was made to sit and wait as everyone exits the plane. I tried to go live 3 times but @instagram kept cutting my audio.”

The flight attendant's supervisor later called the cops who found no reason to arrest Kweli. “They then send 3 police officers in. Police expressed surprise that @americanair crew threatened me with arrest and said only the police can make that call. Cops then say ‘we got called out for nothing' and ‘you didn't do anything wrong.' It's right there on video.”

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