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ASAP Rocky is “putting the finishing touches” on his next album, reveals some features


Rocky is finishing up his upcoming album

shares updates about his next album, Don't Be Dumb. The frontrunner told Apple 1's Zane Lowe last week that the album is in its final stages and revealed that it'll feature his long-time friend Tyler, The Creator, Miguel, , Thundercat among other “heavy hitters.” Miguel and Yachty contributed vocals on his latest single, “Same Problems.”

“We got some help from a lot of friends there. We got Miguel, we got Tyler, The Creator, we got Lil Yachty here, we got Thundercat,” Rocky said of the guest appearances. “Those are some heavy hitters.”

“It's finished and we just putting the finishing touches on it. It's coming for sure,” he added. “I think we all need time for growth. I think that it's pointless for artists to put out music when they have no fuel or no subject matter. Sometimes, I need to live a bit to give you the right subject matter to convey my experiences.”

Rocky continued, “The new stuff is me being vulnerable, and it's just no filter, and just where I'm at, at my stage. My age and how I see things, my peers, the younger kids, the older cats, it's just my perspective. We come in with some whole new fresh shit. If we talking about inspiration and style and stuff like that, creativity, I do that in my sleep and we're coming with that.”

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