Tony Yayo recalls 50 Cent’s first bars


Tony Yayo remembers the beginning of 50's career

's childhood friend and G-Unit co-founder still remembers the Queens legend's first raps. During a recent interview with , Yayo claimed to still have 50's first bars on his finger tips before reciting some for the host.

“Yeah, it was in my man's… basement, Rest In Peace,” Yayo started. “It was ‘The cell went stale, quarter mil' bail, fresh out the jail, s**t is really real. N***as is locked up, man, I pray they don't tell. A hundred man indictment, my lawyer got to fight this. N***as know I ain't never pressed for dough. N***as know I don't serve nobody I don't know.

“‘Son said he was from O.T., sold ‘leven at O.Z.,'” he continuedspitting. “‘His man brought him to me, but he ain't really know B. Said it was time, dude was a cop, he was just trying to pop to put the new beams on the drop.' That's all I remember. But that rhyme to me was like, that's when I was like, “Nah.” He had other s**t, but that was in my man's basement… and I was just like ‘Yo, this n***a's getting better by the minute.”

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