IDK keeps it short and sweet on his debut major label album ‘Is He Real?’


IDK, or Jay IDK as some people know him, has been rising fast among underground rappers over the last number of years. He originally gained traction from his album Empty Bank which went viral a few years ago. He also gained went viral in a couple of ways over the last year, first with his song ‘'s Freestyle,' which makes fun of the fact Trippie Redd did not participate in the Freshman freestyles even though he was a member of the class. also had a song go viral earlier this year called ‘Trigger Happy' because it is supposedly a diss on the rapper .

At 14 songs long, you would think IDK's Is He Real? is a pretty long and substantial album. Although it is hard as hell and definitely hits on all the points he is trying to get across, this album is not long at all. Is He Real is in fact very short and sweet, having a run time of only 35 minutes. These short, dark trap instrumentals are perfect for IDK'S rapid fire and descriptive approach to rapping; although this album is not very long, it still gives the listener so much to think about. Is He Real? is a super solid debut record that makes me excited to hear what he can do in the . Stream it below right now!

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