N.O.R.E says Drink Champs hosts are not journalists


N.O.R.E and DJ EFN explain their stance on Drink Champs

During a recent Drink Champs episode, N.O.R.E revealed that his friendship with has previously prevented him from interviewing some artists. weighed in telling him, “I'mma tell you why people get it confused, cause you often say you're a journalist. This is why I always say stop saying that.”

Noreaga chimed in agreeing that they're indeed not journalists. “I'm not a journalist! I'm not a journalist! I never said I was a journalist,” he said. “I do journalist sh*t and I'm richer than a lot of them journalists but f**k that, I ain't no journalist. Mothaf**ka!” before EFN added, “We're media, we're not journalists.”

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