J.I.D says “it’s hard to perform” ‘The Forever Story’


J.I.D explains the difficulties of performing his latest album

rapper received a lot of praise with his 2022 album, The Forever Story, but he explains how his personal approach into creating the project makes it hard for him to perform it “every night.”

“This project, it's helping open up the door for the rest of the stuff I'm going to be doing,” J.I.D said while recently speaking to People. “So I like how intentional it was. And it was so serious, to the point like I have to have fun on the next one. Because I was a little stressed. I was going through emotional s**t, I was digging up old traumas. I was dialing backwards. It's hard to perform it every night, you know what I'm saying? I'm ready for the next album cycle. The [setlist] stretch from ‘Sistanem' to ‘Kody 31,' I'm cooked. And then ‘Workin Out,' I'm cooked. Yeah, I'm an emotional wreck at that point.”

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