Tony Yayo recalls Nas reading books while on tour


Tony Yayo was surprised by Nas' behavior during tour

expected his experience touring with to be full of party vibes, but he was up for a surprise. Recently speaking on VladTV, Yayo recounted Nas joining on his Nostradamus tour and he didn't believe seeing Nas reading books on the tour bus, instead of “smoking hella weed” and having fun.

“I thought it was going to be a lot of weed smoking, like bitches on the bus, but Nas was reading books and shit,” Yayo remembered. “I'm going up for Illmatic, ‘I‘m a addict for sneakers, 20's of Buddha and bitches with beepers,' so I thought we was going to be smoking hella weed and bitches going to be running through that shit.”

He added, “But he was kind of like a laid-back cat reading books and shit, so I was just like, ‘That's Nas, this muthafucka is reading books, and shit.' [He] really wasn't smoking too much weed on the bus that was more of Jungle and them thing, but Nas is one of them smart muthafuckas, and I see how he come with the lines.”

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