Hit-Boy explains difference between working with Nas and younger rappers


Hit-Boy talks how he makes great music with Nas

and have proved to be a formidable force with their past couple of collaborative efforts. Recently speaking to producer Grind, Hit-Boy revealed that most of the sessions with Nas finds just the two of them alone in the studio, unlike younger artists who always bring a group of people with them.

“I work with Nas it literally be me and him, I'm doing the beats he doing the rhymes,” Hit-Boy explained. “A lotta times you working with younger artists, they gon' pull up with five, six, or even ten niggas. I'm here to do my job and some people are flashing that. “

He continued, “If we ain't looking at each other like this shit is hard, we gotta go back to the drawing board we put that on the basis of everything.”

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