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DJ Drama explains why he titled his album ‘I’m Really Like That’


Drama talks his album title

As gears up to unleash his upcoming album, I'm Really Like That, the iconic DJ and producer sheds light on why he chose the tile. Speaking in a recent interview on Cigar Talk, Dram explained that he felt like sometimes people don't give him enough credit for his contribution to the culture.

“It's been times when I felt like I've been looked at like an underdog in some senses,” Dram began. “Like I'm not in a position to speak politically correct like, for what I've done for the culture, what I've given the people, for what I've given hip-hop.

“Don't ever question what I mean to hip-hop. How many classic mixtapes we'd not have if it wasn't for DJ Drama, how many artists have I not introduced to the world? So yeah, I'm really like that. That was the most important title I could think of,” he added.

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