Benny The Butcher says Griselda wants to hear rappers say “thank you” for inspiration


Benny claims Griselda is the “standard” for rappers

isn't contented with the appreciation the receives from rappers. Addressing his fans on Instagram live earlier this week, Benny said the Bufallo group, which he is a member of along with and , deserves credit for inspiring rappers and making them believe “they could do it.”

“I just want to make a public service announcement real quick,” Benny began while crushing some weed for a roll up. “These n-ggas been putting out tapes, and a lot of these n-ggas been doing their shit, but Griselda is still the standard. We inspire these n-ggas. We made these n-ggas believe they can build this shit. These n-ggas ain't think they could do it.”

He continued, “these n-ggas gave up. You telling them, ‘Nah, fight.' Ain't nothing wrong with inspiring n-ggas. I'm just saying y'all, back to Griselda being the standard. Griselda is the fucking standard. I don't be hearing thank you from these n-ggas. These n-ggas be saying everything, but fucking thank you. I wanna start hearing thank you's from these n-ggas man.”

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