John Cena recalls how freestyling rap helped him secure wresting career


John Cena rapped his way to WWE

is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but he wouldn't be where he is if it wasn't for his freestyling skills. During a recent sit-down with Andrew Santino on Whisky , Cena recalled how he was on the verge of losing his job during the early days of his WWE career, but dropping a freestyle in a tour bus saved him.

“In the front of the bus was Stephanie McMahon and she was head of the writing team at the time,” Cena explained. “She was like ‘How did you remember all that?' and I kind of explained to her the concept of freestyle.”

Cena's love for came at a of its kind. He added that he “got bullied” as a teenager for being a fan of .

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