De La Soul praises Griselda for maintaining the New York rap style


De La Soul are happy with what Griselda are doing

Legendary group thinks are doing their best to stay original with the style. Recently speaking to TV host Ari Melber, the group revealed that Griselda are some of their favorites right now.

“Who I'm paying attention to in this very moment right now is Griselda,” La Soul member Maseo revealed. “They are a group that actually has kind of brought it back home, you know, to New York, in my opinion. New York has lost its way for some time, we talked about mainstream. People have embodied other styles of just to “sell records” instead of just focusing on being artistic.”

He continued, “When you listen to the essence of it, even down to us, you hear the B-Boy. You hear the B-Boy element in it all. And you can tell they grew up on them old school tapes, of .”

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