BIA explains working with Timbaland and flipping Missy Elliott’s record


BIA calls Missy “the original style icon”

released her new single “I'm That Bitch” last Friday with production from and interpolates 's “She's A Bitch.” The track cover is also a recreation of Missy's 1999 album Da Real World.

In an interview with Complex, BIA revealed that flipping Missy's song was Timb's idea. “It's so dope. I linked up with Timbaland, we did a couple songs,” BIA explained. “The first one he was like, “Yo, I love what you've been doing with drill. I want to do a flip of Missy's ‘She's A Bitch.'”It was his idea. I had my homeboy Lil Rich there, we do a lot of stuff together. He said “OK, skip on the beat.” They put the drill on it [and] Timbaland did his thing. It was really dope. It's really dope.”

She added, “whenever you flip a song, you have to pay some type of homage. When I flipped “CAN'T TOUCH THIS,” which was “My milkshake brings all the boys in the yard,” after the flip, I wore the same outfit as Kelis in the video. The Dior corset. With this one, Missy is the original style icon. There's no one better than Missy, in terms of aesthetics. She is the GOAT.”

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