Wiz Khalifa partners with Sovereign Brands, McQueen, Violet Fog for his signature purple gin


Khalifa launches his own gin

joins the long list of rappers who've partnered with alcohol companies to produce their own liqours. The rapper has joined forces with Sovereign Brands to produce his own purple gin as a line extension of McQueen and Violet Fog Ultraviolet Edition. In a video, Khalifa tested the liquor concluded that it is “Smooth AF.”

“Where we distill and what botanicals we use—it's all in an effort to create the most balanced, smooth, and drinkable gin,” said Brett Berish, Sovereign Brands CEO. “McQueen and the Violet Fog Ultraviolet Edition pushes the category even further. While you may be lured in by the color, the taste, I promise, is even better. This is like no gin on Earth.”

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