Raekwon attempts to open marijuana lounge but gets blocked by religious elders, plans legal action


Raekwon is trying to open a marijuana shop in New Jersey

Wu Tang Clan rapper is planning to launch a Hashtoria marijuana lounge in Newark's Four Corners Historic District, New Jersey, but Church elders are getting on his way. Per, Rae obtained approval from Landmark and Historic Preservation Commission but still Central Planning Board won't approve his plans.

“I pray that you will put this somewhere else, not in the heart of Newark,” Rev. Doris Glaspy stated at a board meeting on Monday (March 27). “We're not against people smoking marijuana if they want to. But they can put it somewhere else.”

Hashtoria's attorney Kelly Carey said if the board fails to approve the bussiness they will take the matters to the court. “If the board does not approve [the application] this evening, it goes to court and very quickly gets overturned,” Carey said.

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