Jim Jones talks Dipset and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ influence on Hip Hop


Jim Jones explains how Diplomat's debut album ‘Diplomatic Immunity' influenced rap

The were celebrating the 20th anniversary of their , Diplomatic Immunity, on Saturday (March 25) and the group's pioneer linked with HipHopDx on Zoom for a chit-chat. During the conversation, Capo explained how the iconic double disc album “changed .”

“That album showed people you can never let anything stop your dreams,” Capo said. “It don't matter where you at in the world, 'cause we started from the bottom of the bottom in the projects with nothing to offer. We had to get everything and earn everything. So for us to be here and overcome all the things that we did and all the great things we accomplished is everything.”

He added, “that album was the beginning of an era that changed the face of Hip Hop. A double CD that was both red and blue represented the things that our city would pick up, which was gang culture. The style that we gave y'all was that album. I can't even think about how influential we were, but I get remnants of it all over — from people telling me what we meant to them to seeing it in front of me

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