Nick Cannon explains how his anti-Semitic comments lead him to embracing growth


Cannon says he's been going through growth

Media mogul caught heat in when made some comments on his Classic podcast that were perceived to be anti-Semitic and consequently led to him getting fired from ViacomCBS.

Recently speaking with Allhiphop, Cannon revealed that after the controversy, he's been going through growth on “so many levels.”

“Man, I'm going to be super honest with you. That process was a growth moment for me, on so many levels as a man,” Cannon explained. “And I even now, we have a podcast, myself and the CEO of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, called Solutions: To Hate or Not To Hate. And it's really talking about the equation of our two communities from two different perspectives. We voice our side, or the perspective as a man, and then he voices his side from a Jewish man.”

He continued, “just even that alone is helpful and educational for both communities. And again, because that's the thing, we can sit up here and be enraged, but if we don't engage, what are we really doing, if we can't even learn from one another? And clearly, we all know the issues, we all know the tropes, we all know the stereotypes.

“It's just about bringing people closer together. Ultimately, nobody's monolithic, but we're all one organism that allows this thing to keep pumping.”

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