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21 Savage’s ‘Immortal’ went platinum on May 16, 2022


When did Immortal by 21 Savage go platinum? It went platinum on May 16, 2022.

The title track from 21's album Immortal sold 1 million digital copies making it a platinum single on May 16, 2022. The song was produced by Peter Gundry & Kid Hazel and was released on Halloween. It features some true gang imagery and his notorious ad-libs of “on God,” “straight up,” and “21” throughout the song. It's a shoutout to his Slaughter Gang imprint and set the tone for the album.

You know I'm Slaughter Gang so the smoke is immortal.

, Immortal

The song spawned several remixes and has been sampled by YBS Tango & Young Lighter. The original was released on Epic and distributed by parent company Sony. Since, 21 Savage has released more including a collaborative album with .

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