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YG’s ‘Stop Snitchin’ went platinum on May 24, 2022


When did YG's “Stop Snitchin'” go platinum? It went platinum on May 24, 2022.

LA-rapper dropped the single “Stop Snitchin'” in April of and a few short years later the song from his album 4REAL 4REAL was officially a platinum record. The song features a dead rat on the album art and is an obvious statement of how he feels about people cooperating with the police. It was produced by TnTXD & Yung Tago.

The track got a featuring . According to Genius, “On the track, the two express their displeasure with phony people who hide their true identity and reveal their illegal activities to the police.”

Heavy D

Heavy D was born on May 24


Daz was born on May 25