Beanie Sigel denies dissing Jay-Z on “I Go Off”


Sigel claims fans made the record appear like a diss

pushes back the claims that he lyrically assaulted on the -assisted song, “I Go Off,” and blames fans for taking it that way. Although he admitted that the record was released when he was having issues with at the time, he insisted it had nothing to do with Jay.

“That ‘I Go Off' was just a record that I had,” Beanie explained to VladTV. “I ain't have no hook on it. 50 liked it. I sent it to him, he knocked the hook off. It ain't nothing about Jay-Z like n***as is talking about with that record. Even through the lyrics, ain't nothing about Jay-Z in there, but 50 started talking crazy. Not crazy, but you know they got that weird relationship. They don't f**k with each other, but then they f**k with each other.”

At the end of the record however, 50 did call out Hov by name. “Yeah! You changed man! You let the money change you, Jay,” Fif said on the track. “You used to be, from Marcy n***a! Now you a pass the Grey Poupon-a** n***a! You don't want the shooters! I'll take 'em! N***a, you feed the wolves and the wolves feed off you!”

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