Kevin Gates claims he has gone for 42 days without eating


Kevin says “fasting is the cure for everything”

has for some time now been vocal about his faith in fasting, admitting that he goes for days without meals. During a recent sit-down on I Am Athlete podcast, Kev claimed that he has gone for 42 days without food, just liquids.

“I'm a be honest with you, fasting is the cure for everything,” Kevin began. “When your body don't have nothing to eat, it gon' eat all your bad cells up goes it'll go on fight or flight. And when it eat your bad cells, your releases hydrogen, and we breath in oxygen. So I'd be one to lie down. I done went all day without eating or drinking but I'm still pissing, like why am I pissing? We create our own water.”

The Louisiana native was then asked what was the longest time he has gone without food but liquids, and he replied, “like 42 days. I did like three of them.”

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