Jim Jones remembers how Jay-Z reacted when he brought 20 Bloods gang members to the studio


Jim recalls Jay lecturing him for bringing gang members to the studio

recounts how addressed him for bringing 20 Bloods gang members to 's Baseline where Hov was present during 's days. In a recent interview with Allhiphop, Capo remembered how Jay demanded respect from the gang members when they came to his studio.

“Dipset, we was [fiends] for studio time and making , and we right in Harlem so we ain't have to cross no bridges or nothing to get there,” Capo recalled. “It was literally a seven-minute ride to get down there, so we used to come in there all the time.

“Me, probably in there with like 20 bloods with me. Jay looking at me like, ‘He crazy.' I remember one day I came in, there was so many bloods, he said, ‘Yo, come here, come here, come here,' like he was my uncle. ‘Let me holla at you.'”

He continued: “Like, ‘Listen, I'm not crazy about all the bloods you bring here, I don't care about none of that. But if you bring the gangstas in here, make sure the gangstas holla at me before anything else because this is my house.' I was like, ‘You got that, champ.' Smooth like that.”

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