Snoop Dogg says he didn’t like 2Pac’s song “Hit Em Up”


Snoop wasn't okay with Pac dropping the iconic diss track

broke onto the scene in the ‘ as part of Records alongside the likes of . The Long Beach native occasionally shares first hand stories about the label, and during a sit-down on The Big Boys Neighborhood Podcast, Snoop revealed how he felt when 2Pac dropped the infamous diss diss track, “Hit Em Up,” that intensified the West Coast Vs East Coast rivalry.

Snoop recalled that he didn't like the song because it was simply adding gasoline to already an intensively burning fire.

“I didn't like the song,” Snoop said. “You buying more problems cuh. You are buying more problems. Gangsters is everywhere. They make em everywhere. And I think when he got with us, he got the mindset that ‘we the motherf**kers. It ain't nobody like us.' There is always people like us everywhere.”

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