Fivio Foreign promises payment for cinematographer who says he was ghosted after making videos for the rapper during his trip in South Africa


Fivio says he will make sure the payment is made

is a man to stand on . This week, Fivio came across a tweet by a cinematographer who says he wasn't paid after he made concert videos for Fivio when he visited South Africa in October 2022. Niice Peaches says he had been in contact with Fivio's team for six months before they ghosted him without pay.

“I've been quiet and chasing for mooonths, after submitting work for @FivioForeign when he came to SA for @RockingTheDaisy. They booked me to cover his weekend here. I did that, they loved the videos. Pls help me RT until they pay my rack, this I won't let slide,” the cinematographer's tweet read.

Seeing the tweet, Fivio quoted it with the caption: “Damnn Yu never got paid ?… I deff waznt aware yu never got paid.. was alot of things not being handled rite bacc in these days but things more on point now Not even sure if I used these vids but imma make sure yu get paid NP.. I Apologize.”

Peep the tweets below.

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