Some public defenders in the Young Thug and YSL RICO case complain about low pay


One public defender wants to withdraw from the case

Some of the public defenders in and case claim they are being underpaid. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, some of the defenders, including Angela D'Williams and Suri Jimenez, say they were allocated $15K each for the entire case which could last for a year.

D'Williams, who represents Rodalius Ryan, states that the pay is “egregiously low for the amount of work and attention this trial requires.” She added: “I just want public defenders and conflict attorneys to know this is what they're signing up for. It might consume a full year of your life.”

Jimenez added: “We're looking at what–$7.25 an hour,” adding, “Nobody in this country should get paid $7.25 an hour and definitely not somebody who is trying to protect the liberty of somebody else.”

D'Williams said she tried to set up a meeting with the leadership of the public defender council to discuss a rise in pay but they declined. D'Williams filed a motion to have out of the case.

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