EARTHGANG drops their Dreamville debut album “Mirrorland”

EARTHGANG drops their Dreamville debut album "Mirrorland"
David Peters

Dreamville‘s duo continues to pile onto the record label’s busy 2019 as they release their newest project. Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot began to slowly unveil gems as early as 2018, when fans were given four singles from the LP: “UP”, “Proud of U” (feat. Young Thug), “Stuck” (feat. Arin Ray), and “Swivel”, which first appeared on Revenge of the Dreamers III.

In preparation, the group even created an album-titled phone game.

EARTHGANG will begin their “What On Earth Tour” overseas beginning September 11 and ending October 6.


  1. LaLa Challenge
  2. UP
  3. Top Down
  4. Bank
  5. Proud of U (feat. Young Thug)
  6. This Side
  7. Swivel
  8. Avenue
  9. Tequila (feat. T-Pain)
  10. Blue Moon
  11. Trippin (feat. Kehlani)
  12. Stuck (feat. Arin Ray)
  13. Fields (feat. Malik)
  14. Wings


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