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Lil Durk on possible collab album with Future: ‘We gon’ make it happen’


Durk confirms he has a joint project with Future on the way

There has been word on the street that and have been working on a joint album, well, Smurk confirms the rumors. The rapper recently appeared on XXL cover story where he opened up about a number of things, including his album with Pluto.

The interviewer asked him if the album is indeed going to drop, to which he confirmed, citing that he has many songs with Future. “Me and Future got a thousand songs together. We talked about it one day in the studio, about doing a collab album,” Durk explained. “Just going crazy, dropping, dropping, dropping. And from that studio session, everybody knew about it. We gon' make it happen.”

He added that he doesn't have a “timeline” of when the project will arrive. “Something I'm definitely gonna do. I won't put a timeline on it. It's something we gon' do for the culture. Outside of the , our bond, you know, we been locked in. He always been giving game,” he continued. “Since the beginning-beginning. My older brother passed, , they was super close, so we got history together. That's why I say the culture move would be like, “Damn, that's hard.”

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