Lil Wayne says it can take him seven weeks to create two lines


Weezy takes his time to come up with his bars

's two-decade career has been a wild run that has seen him dropping unmatched number of mixtapes and albums, as well as countless singles and features. As you can imagine, this has made his work a little more difficult these day.

During a past interview on I Am Athlete podcast, Weezy revealed that sometimes it takes him seven weeks to come with two lines. This helps him avoid repeating his past lines as well as match the taste his today's audience.

“As far as how long it takes for me, man, it depends on what it is. If it's much, on God I could take seven weeks on two lines,” Wayne told the hosts who were surprised by the revelation. “I've said so much that I don't never wanna say the same thing. Also, you have to understand your audience. There are certain things I could say to my audience in '95 that you ain't tryna hear that right now, but I could figure it out and that's the beauty of it.”

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