Pop Smoke’s manager reveals late rapper doesn’t have any more unreleased music


Pop's manager claims he wouldn't have approved previous posthumous releases if he was alive

Since died in , his estate has put out a significant amount of , including two albums and several features. According to the late rapper's manager Rico Beats, however, Pop's team doesn't have any unreleased music remaining.

A screenshot of a text exchange between a fan and Rico surface online where the former asks the latter if there will be anymore posthumous releases from Pop's team, to which Rico replied, “who said he has music left.”

He added, “What else ya want Pop died 3 years ago how much more music ya think he did in one year,” before continuing in another text, “y'all gotta be real.”

When the fan insisted by asking about previously previewed music including a collab between Pop and Gwaupo and another with Mike Dee, Rico responded, “all the records they used chip so many ways his vocals.” He then added, “if Pop was a live he would not approved 99% of the stuff they put out.”

Pop's estate hasreleased two posthumous albums since he passed away: Aim Ro The Moon, Shoot For The Stars and Faith.

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