Swizz Beatz reveals DMX dropped “Ruff Ryders Anthem” after losing a bet


“Ruff Ryders Anthem” would've otherwise not see the light of the day

explains how ended up adding his classic record “Ruff Ryders Anthem” on his 1998 album, It's Dark and Hell is Hot, something he wasn't initially considering. Recently speaking with SiriusXM's Nation, Swizz revealed that X only decided to release the iconic song after losing a bet.

“X lost a bet or I wouldn't even been on that album, you know what I'm saying?” Swizz recalled. “But he didn't lose the bet because that song ended up changing all of our lives. So he technically won the bet for my Uncle D and you know that just changed all of our lives. So it was just enough to do what it needed to do.”

He added, “You know, like that song commercially went bigger than everything at the time. And then we came immediately, uh, with our sound next after that and Dame Grease and PK was a part of that as well. I wanna get [them] they props cuz they, people they feel that they don't get they props. I'm in a comfortable space to give people they props. At those particular times we was definitely bumping the little heads and things like that, but we all was a part of making history at the end of the day.”

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