Biggie reportedly once offered ‘broke’ Mase ghostwriting deal for Lil Cease to help with his financial woes


Biggie allegedly came for Mase's aid

allegedly once offered , who was “broke” at the time, a deal to write Lil Cease's “Crush on You” so that he could settle his financial problems. Lance “Un” Rivera, who was Biggie's partner at the time, recently sat down with VladTV where he made the revelation.

“Puff signed Ma$e so can ya imagine what kind of contract Ma$e got? Because B.I.G. just came off that same contract,” Un explained. “ all of them came off the same contracts. So B.I.G. rapping with Ma$e on the 112 [‘Only You'] , Ma$e is broke.

“So B.I.G. says, ‘Un, give Ma$e a check and he's gonna write for Cease.' Ma$e comes back with a record called ‘Crush On You' for Lil Cease's album…I think we paid him $7,500 a record and he made six records. He comes back with ‘Crush On You' and there's three verses with Lil Cease on there.”

He added: “The original album that we shipped Kim wasn't even on ‘Crush On You.' It was all Cease for three verses and B.I.G. is doing the chorus. A million albums without Kim and then Kim rapped on the record. She wrote her own verses and B.I.G. said, ‘Come up with an idea for the video.'”

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