Timbaland calls Jay-Z a prophet – ‘this guy is not human’


Timb explains why he thinks Hov was ahead of his time

and have worked together on a number of classics, and from his experience, the former believes the latter is a “prophet.” During an interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Timb explained that while working with Hov, he realized that the mogul foresaw the world.

“Jay-Z is a prophet” the iconic producer declared. “I don't know if you've read the Bible or any scholars of the Bible. God sent him. I mean I never seen nobody like Hov. Hov actually raised me, he don't even know it. He raised me in the . He was so prolific, so wise beyond his age. And I was just amazed just watching him. That's why I had like a different bond with Jay when it came to making my music. It was like we was rewriting the Bible in a way, or rewriting his history as it was gonna be. Jay-Z foresaw the world go forward. Shit I never seen nothing like it.”

He continued: “When I say this guy speaks multiple languages, we did ‘Picasso,' that wasn't the first version. The first version was like all the Hebrew language, and all the Jews, he was breaking it down. That's when when I realized this guy is not human. He's different.”

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