Ludacris says he had no idea “Southern Hospitality” would become a hit


Ludacris praises The Neptunes for giving him a hit in the final moments of recording his album

reveals that he never thought his smash hit “Southern Hospitality” would blow up. During a recent discussion on All The Smoke Podcast, Luda recalled that when he first heard the beat from of what would become the second single off his 2000 album, Back For The First Time, he had no idea how big it would become.

“If anybody can give you a hit at the last minute, it's and Chad [Hugo] and The Neptunes,” the rapper said. “He [Pharrell] throws on this beat, and I'm vibing to it, I'm thinking it's cool. I'm not like thinking, ‘This is a hit.'”

He added, “With ‘Southern Hospitality,' I did not know that it was the hit that it became.”

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New Music Friday (June 16, 2023)

New Music Friday (June 16, 2023)