Polo G reveals he charges up to $250,000 for features


Capalot pockets up to quarter million dollars for guest appearances

Since breaking his way into the mainstream industry four years ago, has consistently put out hit after hit, placing him among the best-selling rappers of his generation. When it comes to features, the Chicago rapper's brand also attracts a fee that most artists can only dream of, clocking up to quarter a million dollars.

“A lotta times I have people send me different options for songs cause I always wanna pick the write record,” Polo said when asked about his process of working with other artists. “Cause back then I'd do a feature just for the money or… not really caring about it but now I'm more focused on the art.”

After Credible asked him about the highest fee he has ever charged for a feature, Polo answered, “Probably like $250,000.”

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