Kanye West’s ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ documentary directors talk Drake’s desire to narrate the film


Drizzy wanted to narrate Ye's documentary

The directors of 's documentary Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah recently sat down for an interview on the Connection Is Magic with Samson Shulman podcast where they recounted sharing his interest of narrating the film.

“It was Drake that seen it, they was sending out teasers to certain people and Drake got one,” Simmons recalled. “When he seen it, he was like, ‘ ask Coodie if I can narrate? It would be big.'”

Simmons was opposed to Drizzy taking the role because of “various reasons” and ultimately narrated it himself. “Me and Drake was going back-and-forth about it,” he added. “Like, ‘Man, you know, I just want to be a part of [it]. … We're doing this for the dreamers, it ain't about me and Kanye!' … And then Kanye hit [back], ‘Drake, main narration.'”

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