Kid Cudi confirms “Kids See Ghost 2” collaboration with Kanye West

Kids See Ghosts 2
Kid Cudi confirms “Kids See Ghost 2” collaboration with Kanye West

A little over a year following the release of , Kid Cudi has confirmed that part two is in the works! While chopping it up with Complex for their latest cover story, Cudi explained that Kanye West has already asked him to get back in the studio:

“There will be more Kids See Ghosts albums. already told me he wants to start working on the second one. It's kinda weird, 'cause with the first album, I didn't know how serious he was about making a collab album with me. He had mentioned it, but I thought it was just a good idea he had in the moment. But then he kept bringing it up and kept having me come to his house, listen to , and work on beats, so I was like, “Wow, he's really into this.” We had a discussion where he said he wanted to make a spiritual album and I told him, “Great. That's what I do. I would love to do that, something I can sink my teeth into.” So there will definitely be more.”

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