Birdman talks living with young Lil Wayne & B.G


Baby recalls raising Weezy and B.G

founded one of the most iconic record labels, Cash Money, which produced the likes of , B.G, as well as and as part of Young Money. During a recent interview, Baby was reminded about the time he let teenage Wayne and B.G move in with him.

was already living with me,” Birdman recalled in the clip that surfaced over the weekend. “B.G.'s mom gave him to me.”

When asked about his age at the time, Baby replied, “Seventeen, eighteen. I was a kid. I was a baby raising babies.”

The New Orleans mogul signed Wayne and B.G in the early ‘. Going by the monikers Baby D and Lil Doogie respectively, Wayne and B.G. rapped as a duo called B.G.'z, which the latter later took as his own stage name.

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