Jay-Z shares conditions for him to make new music – ‘I have to be saying something important’


Hov is focused on meaningful content if he has to make new records

recently had a conversation with CBS Mornings' Gayle King where he was asked if he ever thinks of getting back into the studio to lay down new . The music mogul admitted that he never thinks of retiring but he has the bar set high before he grabs the mic again.

“I want to make music but it has to be something important,” he explained. “I don't want to just make a bunch of tunes. That's not gonna serve me, it won't feed me first of all.
“I have to be saying something important. It has to mean something to a larger society. Like ‘4:44' for example, it was a personal story. But the amount of vulnerability in there allowed for a lot of people to explore the space.”

The last time Jay released a was in 2017 when he dropped 4:44. In 2018, he joined forces with his wife to deliver Everything is Love.

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