Jay-Z explains how Roc Nation diamond hand gesture came about


The diamond hand symbol has been popular within the hip hop culture

shares some insight about the origin of the infamous diamond sign. Speaking to Gayle King of CBS Mornings, Hov explained that the symbol was a result of a group called Christión that he was associated with.

“When we first started, we had this group called Christión,” Jay recalled. “When you sell 10 million, you go diamond. We believed in them so heavy it was like, ‘This group is going to sell 10 million records!' So we start putting the diamond up for Christión. That's how it all came about, and then we started playing with it, and then we started doing it at shows, then the whole crowd started doing it.”

Despite the popularity of the symbol, it has in the past sparked some conspiracy theories that linked Jay with the secret society Illuminati. Obviously, the rumors are baseless.

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