Zaytoven was initially not impressed by Future’s musical style


Zay used to scrap Future's verses from songs

and have proved to be a formidable force as a duo and even have one of the most iconic mixtapes under them, Beast Mode. However, their relationship hasn't always been like this.

In an old clip of Zay's interview on Money Podcast, the producer revealed that during their early days of working together, he wasn't impressed by Future. “I worked with Future from his first mixtape, back from I thought Future wasn't even all that good,” Zaytoven explained.

“I remember Rocko used to bring Future to my house in the studio and they'd do a song, and I'd take Future's verse off the song,” he added. “That's how much I didn't really like his stuff. Now, he's my favorite to me right now. Ain't nobody better than him. But back then it's like, ‘Ahh, that ain't it.' He was getting his reps in.”

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