The Clipse discuss artists they would like to work with in the future


No Malice and Pusha T talk future collaborations

The brothers and recently appeared on GOAT Mag for an interview where they discussed who they'd like to team up with in the .

“As far as goes, the highwater mark is always collaborating with , so I would like that,” No Malice explained. “Outside of Hip Hop, I would like to see Clipse with artists like Coldplay and The Killers, with big arena records, festivals, something that moves globally.”

On his side, Pusha explained: “Man. I don't know. I'm collab'd out.” He added, “I don't even care about collaborations if it's not among a great body of work. I'm into cohesive, great bodies of work. I feel like, in these times, with everybody feeling so fly-by-night, that's the only thing that's keeping this genre alive.”

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