Ed Lover believes Rakim musically birthed Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas


Ed calls Rakim ‘game changer' of rap

Legendary media personality Ed Lover sat down with and Rakim for the Giant where he praised the latter for changing . He explained that the rapper influenced heavyweights such as , and Nas.

“People don't understand Rakim changed — he's a game-changer,” Ed said, before putting Rakim in the same category as the likes of Melle Mel, , Run- and . He also credited him for making rap “less aggressive.”

“He quieted it down and made us listen as well as enjoy the , but you listened to what Rakim said, right?” he added. “If you would do a family tree of Hip Hop and people that came directly from other people, there is no JAY-Z, there's no Biggie, there's no Nas. That smoothed-out style of rhyming came from Rakim.”

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