Busta Rhymes says he can’t decide who is better between J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar


Busta has same level of respect for both Cole and Lamar

Any time people talk about the top artists in modern , it's never easy to weigh between and . Well, it's no different for .

During a recent conversation on Amazon's +44 podcast, Busta was discussing his Top 5 rappers when he revealed his difficulties of choosing between Cole and K. Dot.

“I'm almost there with J. Cole,” Busta explained. “He's definitely one of the major new candidates. But I'm still torn between him and Kendrick.

“Kendrick'll be quiet for five years and then come out and put out an album and just deal with you in a way that he ain't even trying to compete, or you can't compete. So I just think in that sense, Kendrick is a real different type of problem and force to be reckoned with”

Speaking on Cole, Busta added, “I think a lot of light is being shined on Cole right now because … he's being real active with features, from the to the to .

“He's moving and shaking in that space with grace. And he's making sure you understand that he ain't got no problem with chopping your head off, too.”

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