Quality Control founders coach K & P reveal they didn’t profit from label for the first five years


QC leaders say label came a long way

is only a decade old but is already one of the most popular labels in . However, things haven't always been smooth.

During a recent episode on his A Safe Place Podcast, spoke to QC founders Pierre “P” Thomas and Kevin “” Lee where they explained that the label couldn't make profits for the first couple of years.

“When you in a place of independence, and you don't have budgets, or you don't have capital that you can use for these artists, it's like, you might go into the ,” Coach K said. “I remember there was times me and P was like down almost to zero, but we had a record going. So you know, we had to promote. We had to double down. If we double down, that'd take us back to zero. It's ebbs and flows. It's peaks and valleys.”

P chimed in adding, “You might have one artist that's making money, that you making profit with, but you got nine other artists that's not making no money. But you dreaming big and you trying to expand and make everybody grow because you're thinking big.”

QC has helped bring to light celebrated figures such as , , Lil Yachty, among others.

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