Joe Rogan praises Kanye West’s Donda track ‘Jail’ and Hypes New Album ‘Vultures’ on Podcast


Famous American UFC color commentator, podcaster, comedian, and former television host briefly spoke on West during his podcast yesterday.

“We play this one song in the green room when we really wanna get things popping,” Rogan said as he played Kanye's hit song, “Jail”. “The ‘I'm going to jail' song… God damn that song rocks” Joe added, “He (Kanye) is a bad motherf*cker man. You gotta let a guy like this get out of line every now & again. That's what makes him so brilliant. He's got a tornado going on in his mind. There's a tornado in there. At any given time.” Kanye was previously a guest on Joe's podcast #1554, on October , watch here.

“Jail” was one the biggest songs from as it won the award for Best Song at the 2022 Grammy Awards. It peaked at No. 10 on the US  Hot 100 in 2022.

The track is currently back on the Hip-Hop iTunes chart at #15 after Joe Rogan mentioned it on his podcast yesterday.

Joe Rogan also said, in regards to Kanye's new collab album Vultures with , “he says a lot of wild sh*t, but I bet his is going to be a f*cking banger, you push that dude in a corner I bet he's going to come out swinging.”

Watch the clips of Joe Rogan speaking on Kanye here & here.

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