NBA Youngboy discusses his ambitions to ’embrace nature’ around his Utah mountain home


Youngboy has been exploring mountainous surroundings in Utah home

has been on house arrest for almost three years and he's been finding ways to enjoy the environment around his mansion in Utah.

While recently speaking to the Bootleg Kev, YB explained how he's been trying to explore nature on the mountain where his home is located, even recalling being assaulted by a wild cat.

“I feel like you've got to kind of embrace nature,” he revealed, while discussing the difficulties of dwelling in Utah. “I want to really get into it. I want to really learn how to fill up my backpack on my own, go up the mountain, start a fire, and cook something to eat.”

He added, “I glanced at them [nature shows on ] a couple of times, because it's really intriguing. […] I had a bobcat jump out at us one day. That bitch tried to get into the cab [of his vehicle] now. That bitch really tried to run into it. It was me and Lil Dump… I looked to see where it went… I wanted to see if it was coming out the bus.”

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