Layzie Bone recalls Biggie helping prevent a fight between Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Wu-Tang Clan


Biggie helped Bone Thugs avoid a brawl with Wu-Tang

recently sat for an interview on The Art of Dialogue where he recounted a 1996 incident where almost got into a brawl with at Russell Simon's Christmas Party but stepped in.

“Something happened,” Layzie began. “Wu-Tang came in, one member or another member had some — it had nothing to do with the main characters; it was our up-and-coming artists and people that were around, our entourage.

“So pushing and shoving started, bottles get to throwing, a fight broke out. When [Bone Thugs' “Everyday Thang 2” came on at the party] all hell broke loose. And then we had to get up out of there.

He continued, “Thank God, rest in peace to Chris Lighty and his brother Lighty got us out the party. Coming out the party, we was finna get rushed. Now, we just went to breakfast with that morning so we didn't understand the confusion.

“So Meth was like, ‘Ya'll gonna get up outta here.' But it was n-ggas coming with them thangs, though. It was finna go there and that's when Biggie showed up. He kinda cleared the path for us to get outta there. That's a long story short. Way more shit happened than that.”

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